Matthew Stafford’s 2017 Highlights Are Pretty Much Straight Up Football Porn

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Detroit Lions released a highlight tape Tuesday with the top 10 passing plays of 2017, and football fans will love it.

I’m a huge Lions fan. I have been ever since the day I entered this world. It’s been a hard and painful life, but we do our best to survive.

However, the one thing that we all look forward to and the one thing that is forever impressive is watching Matthew Stafford sling the ball all over the field. His arm has generational strength. I am routinely blown away by his ability to send balls deep downfield.

The Lions didn’t make the playoffs in 2017, but this highlights are still pretty cool. It’s a great reminder that secondaries are terrified of seeing Stafford cocking his right arm back.

We’ve not got a new coach in Matt Patricia, Stafford is coming back, we can build through the draft and hopefully make some noise next year.

Lions fans deserve to get some wins.

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David Hookstead



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