These Genevieve Morton Photos Are Almost Too Much For The Internet To Handle

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue was released in stores Wednesday, and it’s a great time for a little flashback to Genevieve Morton.

Morton made her first appearance in the famous publication in 2010, and appeared in several more issues in the past few years. She truly is a talented model, who has no problem going completely scorched earth with her photos. I have to admit that I am a huge fan. Absolutely gigantic fan of the her work. Like anybody who appreciates a great athlete in their prime, I am all in on Morton.

However, it’s not just her SI swimsuit issues that are impressive. Not at all. Her Instagram is also insane. There’s not a limit or a line she won’t dabble with crossing. There are times when I wonder how Instagram even lets her do it, but as you know, we’re certainly supportive of the fact she does. Check out a few of her best.


David Hookstead



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