These Are The Hottest Photos Of Charlotte McKinney On The Internet

David Hookstead | Reporter

Charlotte McKinney is a big time player when it comes to the internet and the modeling business. That’s why we need to be checking out her photos.

We love McKinney. As some might say, she brings a flamethrower to the internet, and it never stops being entertaining. I could even argue that she’s a hero of ours here at The Smoke Room. As the evidence laid out over the past few days, we will die on a hill to defend women. Call us crazy, but we think it’s worth it.

It’s especially worth it when it comes to a woman with the looks of McKinney. She blew up essentially after appearing in a Carl’s Jr. commercial, and we’re sure glad she found her way to television. The rest is history. She now just throws up incredible photos all the time. Here are a few of her best. I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy them.



David Hookstead



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