Robber Enters Liquor Store With A Shotgun – Gets Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree

David Hookstead | Reporter

A robber recently targeted the wrong liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it resulted in him getting shot multiple times.

Two unnamed women at the register of Forest Acres Liquor pulled weapons and opened fire on Tyrone Lee after he attempted to rob the store.

KABC out of Tulsa, Oklahoma reported the following:

Police said the man was armed with a shotgun and demanded money. When he walked away, one of the women reached for a handgun under the counter and shot the suspect.

The man managed to grab the mother and that’s when the daughter shot him again. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition.


You just have to love this video. That’s what I like to call a little instant justice. Bad guy shows up with a shotgun, tries to rob a liquor store and the two women don’t even hesitate to open fire. Even Clint Eastwood would be impressed by their quick trigger fingers.

It’s also wild that the bad guy left and then returned to only get shot again. Were the first bullets sent his way not enough to send a proper message? This is why we have guns. What would have happened if these women were unarmed? That guy is massive compared to them. There’s little they could have done to protect themselves against a guy with a shotgun.

However, you give them a pair of pistols and it’s a different story. They should just play the security camera video on loop outside of the store forever. Let the world know that this is the last liquor store you ever want to rob.

Great job by these ladies.

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