Allen Iverson Gives One Of The Most Bizarre Interviews You’ll Ever See

David Hookstead | Reporter

Allen Iverson was interviewed during the Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers game Tuesday night, and it was very strange.

Trust me when I say that this interview is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The NBA legend made absolutely no sense at all.

At one point he references how Philly has always been competitive. Has he been living under a rock for the past few years? The 76ers have been absolute trash. The whole “trust the process” saying is essentially a major joke at this point.

Yet, the former 76ers star seems unaware of all of that information.

So strange and weird. I don’t know if he was feeling a bit under the weather, maybe had a couple drinks or what else might have been going on. Something is just very off.

Of course, are we really surprised? Iverson is known for being a bit of a renegade. Actually, he was such a renegade that he reportedly went broke.

I guess the legend just lives on. Can’t wait to see his reaction when the 76ers get blown out in the playoffs.

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David Hookstead



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