Here Are Hookstead’s Top Five International Women For International Women’s Day

David Hookstead | Reporter

Today is International Women’s Day, and that means I had to break down the five best women from around the globe.

I spent hours debating which women would ascend into my top five. There were algorithms, graphs, charts, arguments and so much more. Eventually, we settled on a few. So, allow me, Rancher Dave aka Casanova Cowboy, to take you on a journey.

1) Josephine Skriver

Such an easy choice. What’s not to love about the Danish-born supermodel? She’s got absolutely everything we’re looking for in a star model, and she’s smoking hot. Enough said.

2) Gal Gadot

She’s Israeli, knows how to use guns, was in the military and rocked an incredible outfit in “Wonder Woman.” There was no hesitation putting her in my top five.

3) Alicia Vikander

The Swedish actress is playing badass Lara Croft in the new “Tomb Raider” movie, and we all love a woman with a bit of fire in her soul and attitude. Plus, her looks speak for herself.

4) Emma Watson

We might not love the British, but we sure do love Emma Watson. I’m pretty sure she was the first celebrity crush for millions of young men around the world. I’d probably put her higher, but again, she’s British.

5) Natalie Portman

Another Israeli finds herself on the list, but we certainly shouldn’t be surprised. Portman has been a star ever since the “Star Wars” prequels and has no problem rocking the down to Earth woman feel.

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