The Team Favored To Win March Madness Is A Bit Shocking

David Hookstead | Reporter

Villanova is currently the favorite to win March Madness, and that’s a shade surprising.

The odds for the major teams, according to SBR Sports Picks, are as follows:

  • Villanova +350
  • Duke +500
  • UVA +600
  • Michigan State +600
  • Michigan +1000
  • Purdue +1200
  • Arizona +1500
  • Kansas +1800
  • North Carolina +1800
  • Xavier +2000
  • Cincinnati +2000
  • Kentucky +2500
  • Gonzaga +2500
  • West Virginia +4000

I am stunned that Villanova is at the top of the odds. I absolutely love Duke at +500 and UVA at +600. I might have to throw some money down on both of them. Michigan State at +600 is also an extremely enticing bet.

What do the oddsmakers know about Villanova that we don’t? They’re a very solid team, but there’s nothing to me on paper or on game film to make me believe that they should be substantial favorites to win the whole thing. Their path isn’t difficult, but that alone isn’t nearly a enough for me to want to bet on them.

I think I’ll stick with Duke, UVA and MSU long before I ever consider betting on Villanova. I might end up being wrong, but I doubt it.

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David Hookstead



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