Woman Follows Seahawks Players To Practice: ‘Get Off Your Little F*cking Knees’

Jena Greene | Reporter

Their season may be long over but two Seattle Seahawks players are getting attention Monday after they posted a video of a woman verbally berating them for protesting the national anthem.

The video was posted to Neiko Thorpe’s Twitter account. Thorpe was in the car with another Seattle cornerback Mike Tyson on their way to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington.

“Sound up,” Thorpe tweeted. “Please pray for tha world,” he captioned the video in part.

“You can’t get up and be a man?” the woman asks. “Get off your little f*cking knees and not represent the [country] that made you what you are?”

When Mike Tyson asks the woman her name, she responds by saying “I’m not telling you my f*cking name, what’s your name?”

To which he responds, “Big Mike.”

The woman apparently isn’t too happy with his response so she fires back, “F*ck off. I don’t care whoever you are. All I care about is the fact that my tax dollars pay for you to play, and go [expletive] play. And get off your f*cking knees.”

It’s a pretty bold strategy to follow two NFL players all the way to a practice facility just to cuss them out. It’s a free country and you’re allowed to do what you want, but this lady probably isn’t making many people proud today. Especially because neither player ever knelt during the national anthem this season.

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