People Can’t Stop Talking About The New Taylor Swift Music Video. Here’s Why

Jena Greene | Contributor

Taylor Swift dropped a new music video for her hit single “Delicate” on Sunday and it’s gotten a lot of people talking about it.

But it’s not the catchiness or the choreography that people are noticing. It looks strikingly similar to a Kenzo Jones perfume ad directed by Spike Jonze in 2016. The similarities were first pointed out by a video editor at New York Magazine named Kenny Wassus.

Here’s the Taylor Swift video:

And here’s the original video people are talking about:

Seems like a pretty striking similarity, even to an untrained eye. But Wassus breaks it down.

“Taylor’s ‘delicate’ video is the drunk sorority knockoff of the kenzo ad w margaret quailey,” he tweeted.

It’s pretty mind-blowing how similar some of these shots are. And other people on Twitter quickly caught on.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is painstakingly deliberate in her music videos. They’re usually rife with subliminal messaging and dominate headlines for days after they’ve been released. So it’s probably unlikely that she just happened to rip this Spike Jonze piece with absolutely no intention of doing so. Or she could be doing it to dominate headlines and troll her haters yet again. Perhaps we’ll never know.

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Jena Greene



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