Lil Wayne Threatens Concertgoers, Says All His ‘Ni**as Got Pistols’

David Hookstead | Reporter

Rapper Lil Wayne got pretty upset during a recent concert in Sydney, Australia, and threatened concertgoers throwing stuff on stage.

“Where I’m from, I think you all know that’s the States, we don’t throw s**t on stage because all my n*****s got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at,” Wayne told the audience during his performance, in a video released by TMZ.

WATCH (click on image to play video):

Lil Wayne (Credit: Screenshot/TMZ Video)

Lil Wayne (Credit: Screenshot/TMZ Video)

I’m going to go ahead, and point out two major things. First, how did the police not rush the stage immediately after these comments? Lil Wayne just told concertgoers that there are men with him who are strapped and looking to shoot people throwing stuff on stage. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure that’s a clear and present danger. Not to mention that guns are highly regulated in Australia. I doubt his American entourage was legally allowed to enter Australia packing loaded handguns.

Second, shootings are a pretty sensitive topic right now after the Parkland, Florida massacre. It might not be the greatest idea to be bringing up shooting up places given the current climate we’re all living in.

Just a bonehead comment from Lil Wayne. Absolutely no way to justify what he said.

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