New Scorsese Movie ‘The Irishman’ Could Be His Most Expensive Yet

Jena Greene | Reporter

Martin Scorsese’s latest project could be his most costly one yet.

The director is working on a film titled “The Irishman” and stars Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino and has already gone over budget. Sources close to the director say he’s exceeded his production cost and hit more than $175 million in spending.

According to Page Six, Netflix bought the film for $105 million with a set budget at $125 million. But the “Wolf Of Wall Street” director has already exceeded his budget that by $50 million, and the movie isn’t due out for another year. And according to one source close with the production, “they haven’t even done the music yet.”

Scorsese also spent the most amount of time filming this movie than any other project he’s worked on in the past. He apparently spent 106 days on filming alone in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York.

“The Irishman” is based on a book by Charles Brandt called “I Heard You Paint Houses.” It follows the leader of a labor union who has Irish mob ties and tries to grapple with his past when he was involved in the murder of another labor union leader.

Bo Dietl said of the lengthy production timeline, “I could be dead before the premiere.”

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