Two Morons Try To Fight A Biker, Both Get Knocked Out Cold

David Hookstead | Reporter

A video has gone viral of a biker knocking out two men trying to attack him.

The biker is stopped at a light when the two men approach him, and one kicks him on his bike.

Well, it’s safe to say the biker got the last laugh in this one because the two assailants got knocked out.

Rule number 1 of fight club: Never fight a guy with a helmet on @roughnrowdy

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I believe that’s what we like to call karma and street justice. Those two guys probably thought they had this guy cornered and under their complete control. Turned out the biker had very different plans.

I’ve always said that getting into altercations with people you don’t know is one of the dumbest things you could ever do. You have literally no idea what they’re capable of. For all you know, the potential victim could be armed or a fighting expert. There’s not many beefs worth getting knocked out cold for. Unfortunately, these two men had to learn the hard way. I doubt they’ll be so eager to fight again.

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