Michael Bennett’s Publisher Thinks Felony Charge Is Racially Motivated

David Hookstead | Reporter

Michael Bennett’s publishers at Haymarket Books released a statement over the weekend that his felony charges are racially motivated.

Bennett, who has an upcoming book about things that make white people uncomfortable, has been charged with allegedly attacking an elderly paraplegic woman while attempting to get on the field after Super Bowl LI. The current Philadelphia Eagles player faces ten years if convicted on his charge of “intentionally and knowingly, causing bodily injury to a person 65 years or older.”

His publishers wrote in part:

Michael Bennett is being targeted for being a Black man who speaks out boldly against racism and police brutality.

The latest charges against Michael are clearly an effort by his political opponents — once again — to silence him. We will not let them succeed.


I’m no legal expert, but I’m not sure spinning the case to be about racism is the smartest idea for Bennett’s team. It really doesn’t make sense when you consider the fact that the district attorney charging Bennett, who infamously lied about the Las Vegas police abusing him, is reportedly a liberal lesbian. That doesn’t seem to go lockstep with the narrative of white supremacy and oppression of minorities.

Maybe his publishers should let the system and case play itself out before throwing accusations of racism around like it’s no big deal.

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