Somehow, Everyone Managed To Walk Away From This This Insane Car Crash [WATCH]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Jaw-dropping footage of a car crash emerged out of Plano, TX this weekend and you have to see it to believe it.

Malik Elizee is a relatively new motorcyclist and took his camera out on Saturday to take a video during a leisurely ride. Just when the traffic light turned green, an oncoming SUV ran a red light and t-boned two cars in front of him. Miraculously, Elizee had cat-like reflexes and hung on to the the flipped car in front of him, where he safely rode it to safety. The footage is truly unbelievable.

I think the best part of this video is seeing Elizee get up and walk away from this accident without so much as a scratch. The fact that he gets up and jogs off that shot of adrenaline is truly a sight to behold.

He mentions on his YouTube page that, “No one left in an ambulance, myself included. I was wearing most of my gear (was only going up the road so only had on regular jeans and boots), gloves and jacket saved me what would’ve been some serious sliding damage.”

Truly a miraculous day, and it’s even better that he shared it with the whole world. Elizee says his bike wasn’t even totaled – he rode it home after the accident.

Since its posting on Saturday, Elizee’s video has gotten close to 600,000 views. It’s probably safe to say that he’d make a great stuntman.

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Jena Greene



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