Tim Tebow Has An Offer On The Table To Return To Pro Football

David Hookstead | Reporter

Tim Tebow has an offer on the table from the newly formed Alliance of American Football to join the team in Orlando.

Steve Spurrier is the head coach of the new team and recently said the the following during an appearance on the Open Mike radio show, according to CBS Sports:

I think Tim knows about our league. He knows he’s welcome to come down [to Orlando] and play. Obviously, if his baseball career is going well, he may decide to stick with it, which I would certainly understand. But if it doesn’t go too well and he has the urge to play football, we would certainly welcome him in Orlando.

The AAF starts in February and can you figure out who won’t be playing in it? Tim Tebow. Tebow is not playing in Canada, the XFL or the AAF.

The Florida Heisman winner has made his money, he has a job during college football season with ESPN and is currently playing baseball in the Mets organization. Why would he give any of that up to play minor league football, where salaries are rumored to be less than $100,000 a season.

I love football just as much as the next guy, but there’s zero chance I’m throwing on pads for less than a few million dollars. I live a pretty solid life, and I’m not risking making my head injuries worse for $75,000. Tebow is a smart guy, and I’d bet he probably feels the exact same way.

Sorry to burst some bubbles here, but Tebow is done playing football. It’s time to let the man move on in life.

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