Every Season Eight ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode Costs The Price Of A Big Ranch

David Hookstead | Reporter

Each “Game of Thrones” episode for the final season will cost a ton of money.

The New York Post reported the following:

For “The Battle of The Bastards,” HBO roped in 500 extras, 65 stuntmen and 70 horses, with props and logistics wrangled by 600 crew members working behind the scenes. No wonder each episode in the final season of “Game of Thrones” is rumored to cost around $20 million. Ice fire-breathing dragons and dragonglass swords sure are expensive, aren’t they?

To put this in perspective for everybody, you can buy a really nice sized ranch in Bozeman, where I used to live, for about the same price. That’s right, you could buy a bunch of ranches for the same cost of the final season of the hit HBO show.

My expectations for this season are sky high. If you’re going to dump more than $100 million into a season, the show damn well better be incredible.

This has been a long journey the fanbase has traveled together. You share a bond with people when you find out you’re both fans of the show. It’s a brotherhood, and we’re all in this final run together. Don’t let me down HBO. For the love of everything righteous, please don’t let me down.

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