Eagles Cut Player After He’s Tased And Arrested

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Philadelphia Eagles cut cornerback Daryl Worley after he was tased and arrested by the authorities over the weekend.

Worley was allegedly found passed out in his car, and became a serious problem for police when they woke him up, according to TMZ.

The interaction ended with Worley getting hit with the taser and taken into custody. A gun was also reportedly found in his vehicle. The Eagles then made the call to cut him Sunday.

It doesn’t get much worse than this situation for Worley. Getting arrested is one thing. It happens all the time to NFL players, and life mostly goes on. Getting tased and reportedly having a weapon while passed out in a car is not normal business.

That’s the type of stuff that in the best case scenario ends with a suspension, and at worst can end a career. It sounds like Worley needs some serious help. Being allegedly passed out in a car and then getting combative with police is not a normal mistake. That’s a sign of a bigger problem. Hopefully, he figures out a way to put his life back together before this all gets worse.

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