Josh Gordon Inks New Deal With The Cleveland Browns

David Hookstead | Reporter

Josh Gordon’s NFL comeback continued to get better Monday when he inked a one year contract extension with the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns announced the news on Twitter, and I couldn’t be happier for the man.

We’re extremely happy to see people fall from great heights in our society. People cheer on downfalls all the time, and Gordon’s downfall was terrible. It looked like his substance abuse problems were guaranteed to derail his career. I thought his playing days were likely done a couple years.

Now, he’s back in the NFL, he played well last year on a terrible team with no help and he just signed a contract extension. Life is a crazy journey. One day you’re suspended from the league and the next you’re signing an extension.

I’m glad to see he’s back, and I hope he hangs around for a long time.

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David Hookstead



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