Sara Underwood Goes Completely Nude At The Beach

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sara Underwood apparently forgot to bring her swimsuit with her to the beach.

The superstar model posted a photo of herself not wearing a single piece clothing as she was soaking up some sun. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that being nude at the beach isn’t normal operating procedure. (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything)

For example, I usually wear a ton of clothes when I’m at the beach. Underwood opted for a very different approach here. (SLIDESHOW: 71 Times Samantha Hoopes Stripped Down)

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It is truly amazing how different I am from all these superstar models. (SLIDESHOW: 60 Times Abigail Ratchford Wore Almost Nothing)

These models post beach photos, and they get a billion and a half likes. People would begin vomiting if I posted even a regular swimsuit photo. The old beach body isn’t in great shape. (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Might Be The Hottest Model On The Internet)

Luckily, Underwood is more than an acceptable woman to post beach photos. (SLIDESHOW: 62 Times Emily Sears Stripped Down On Instagram)

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A post shared by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on

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