‘Smallville’ Actress Arrested For Allegedly Running Sex Cult In Mexico

Jena Greene | Reporter

The actress who played Chloe in the CW hit series “Smallville” has allegedly been embroiled in a bizarre and scandalous sex ring called NXIVM for years. On Friday, it looks like justice may be about to be served to Allison Mack.

Nobody really knew about the cult until their cover was blown last summer. (RELATED: Two ‘Smallville’ Actresses Allegedly Caught Up In Sex Cult)

According to the Daily Mail, Mack operated a subsidiary sex cult called DOS, which served as the “training camp” for NXIVM:

DOS operates as a master-slave hierarchy, with Raniere at the top and Mack as his immediate subordinate. From there, Mack has several slaves of her own who are then ordered to recruit a group of slaves themselves, and it spreads down from there like a pyramid scheme.

Women in the group are allegedly kept on a 500- to 800-calorie a day diet because Raniere likes thin women and believes fat ‘interferes’ with his energy levels, Parlato claims.

Page Six reports that Mack’s cooperative partner in the sex cult, Keith Raniere, was arrested in Mexico for allegedly sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor last month. And on Friday, police located and arrested Allison Mack for her role in running the sex cult too.

Mack was also charged with forced labor and and sex trafficking. She was transported back to the United States shortly after her arrest.

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