Lindsey Vonn Shares Graphic Photos Of Her Injuries

David Hookstead | Reporter

American skiing legend Lindsey Vonn posted a photo late Thursday night of all her injuries, and they’re disgusting.

It’s pretty hard to be an elite athlete at the level of Vonn without suffering some injuries along the way. She has had some brutal ones, and these photos are all the proof you’ll need.

She captioned the photos:

#TBT. 2x ACL, 1x MCL, medial and lateral meniscus repairs, bilateral knee tibial plateau fractures, spiral fractured humerus with nerve damage….if I didn’t have the WILL to keep working hard I would never have gotten myself back to the Olympic podium. No matter what obstacle you face you can always find a way through it. I especially wouldn’t have gotten through it without @lindsaywinninger! What obstacles have you faced? How have you overcome them? Would love to hear your stories

Brutal injuries. I can’t imagine tearing my ACL one time, and I certainly can’t imagine doing it multiple times with all those other injuries.

This makes me respect Vonn so much more. She fought back to get to the Olympics in 2018. It didn’t go the way she was hoping, but there’s something to be said for just showing up after these injuries.

I have no idea what is in Vonn’s future, but I hope she finds a lot of happiness along the way. She’s certainly earned it.

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