Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Isn’t A Fan Of People Critical Of Plus Size Models

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sports Illustrated and the people involved with the swimsuit issue might not be the biggest fans of The Smoke Room.

SI tweeted out a picture and story of Ashley Graham with the caption, “Body shamers don’t stand a chance against @TheAshleyGraham.”

Did I expect to wake up today and find myself in potential hostilities with Sports Illustrated? No, I did not, but we can also all be honest with each other here. Nobody has been more positive about Sports Illustrated’s awesome swimsuit coverage than me and my people at The Smoke Room. Hell, I’m surprised they don’t have a section dedicated to us.

However, we’ve also been critical times when it’s warranted. That’s correct. I, David Hookstead, have been critical of SI’s plus size model stuff. I don’t think it’s smart, I think it sends the wrong message and I don’t think it’s a great idea to promote unhealthy bodies.

Again, I’m not in great shape. I have a beer belly, I don’t work out, I eat poorly and I drink way too much beer and Mountain Dew. I’m also not a model or a pro athlete. I’m not putting myself on a pedestal. In fact, I think I’m more in a position to weigh in on this because I’m looking at it from the ground level.

So, if SI wants a war, then I guess we can go down that path. I would advise against it. There is a path of cautionary tales that I’ve left behind from people who have made the same mistakes.

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