Alyssa Milano’s Latest Move Against The NRA Will Outrage You

Jena Greene | Reporter

Alyssa Milano has long been a member of the exclusive leftist tribe that hides out in the hills of Hollywood. She’s long been outspoken about women’s rights and was an ardent Obama supporter, but she’s now hopped on the gun control bandwagon.

Milano has taken a break from bullying Ivanka Trump on Twitter to turn to more pressing issues, like curtailing the Second Amendment.

So when the NRA announced it would be convening with Mike Pence on May 5 to hold its annual meeting, the star student anti-gun coalition #NoRA urged its supporters to protest the meeting.

“We’ll be protesting the NRA convention in Dallas, and we need you with us,” the NoRA official Twitter handle announced on Thursday.

And Milano, who has a massive Twitter audience of nearly 3.5 million followers, retweeted the link with a message of her own.

“In Dallas May 5th? Come help us peacefully protest the NRA convention where @VP will be their featured speaker,” she tweeted. “RSVP below.”

Pressure by celebrities and school shooting survivors like David Hogg continues to mount against the NRA, however the organization has experienced a spike in membership and donations in 2018. In just last month alone, the NRA raised $2.5 million in donations, which is a 15 year high, according to Breitbart News.

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