See The Prom Dress That’s Being Called Politically Incorrect [PHOTOS]

Jena Greene | Reporter

A white teenage girl from Utah is weathering what has come to be a weeklong internet frenzy after she wore a red prom dress that some view as culturally insensitive.

Keziah Daum tweeted a series of photos from her prom day on Twitter on April 22, but she probably couldn’t have predicted what happened after the pictures went live.

The tweet took off after a random Twitter user named Jeremy Lam responded to the photos saying, “My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.”

Lam also likened the prom dress to white colonialism.

He even got Daum to apologize, and even found some support in doing so.

But others remained triggered.

Eventually, though, some keen users dug deep into Jeremy Lam’s Twitter feed and found some less than savory past tweets. Looks like Lam — an Asian American — used some pretty racially insensitive verbiage back in 2013, casually referenced the Holocaust, and called young white children “demons.”

It seems like Jeremy Lam should have taken a hard look at himself (or at least wiped his Twitter feed) before wading into these muddy waters.

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Jena Greene



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