Caitlyn Jenner Is Reportedly Getting Married

Jena Greene | Reporter

Sorry to disappoint all the potential suitors out there. But the former male Olympic superstar turned female reality star Caitlyn Jenner is off the market.

UK publication The Mirror is reporting that Caitlyn Jenner is planning to marry longtime transgender friend Sophia Hutchins. (RELATED: You Won’t Believe What Caitlyn Jenner Looks Like After Her Latest Procedure)

Both Jenner and Hutchins have long maintained that the two are just friends. But it looks like there’s something much deeper between the two.

“After their close friendship was described as a “mother and daughter” relationship, it’s now said they’ve been dating in recent weeks,” The Mirror reports. “And things are getting serious very quickly – despite their 47-year age gap.”

If the couple does make their way down the aisle, this would be Jenner’s fourth marriage. It would be the first marriage as Caitlyn Jenner, however.

“She just wants some companionship and really felt all alone before she met Sophia,” a source tells The Mirror.

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Jena Greene



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