Watch Gronk Rip Off Shots With A Machine Gun In Awesome Video

David Hookstead | Reporter

A video of New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski rocking with a machine gun blew up the web Monday.

Gronk fired off countless shots with a minigun as what appears to be .308 casings smacked the ground. It’s a badass video.

Good luck finding a cooler video on the internet today than that one. That’s so cool. I am insanely jealous right now.

Imagine the power that flows through you when you’re ripping shots off with a minigun. It must be fantastic. Honestly, I’d rather own a minigun than hook up with a model. It’s the truth. You can call it sad all you want, but last time I checked supermodels aren’t over here firing hundreds of .308 rounds at an insane rate of fire.

I’m glad that Gronk is really enjoying his offseason. We all know he’s out there living his best life when he’s letting it fly with a machine gun.

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David Hookstead



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