Conor McGregor Looks Outstanding In New Fight Training Video

David Hookstead | Reporter

Conor McGregor didn’t look like he had lost a single step in a recent training video posted by TMZ.

It’s unclear who the Irish-born superstar is training with in the video, but TMZ reported that it took place at Straight Blast Gym in Ireland.

McGregor looked as good as ever in the video, despite not actually trying to land any of the blows on his opponent.

It sure does look like McGregor is planning on getting back in the octagon sooner rather than later if he’s training in the gym. The UFC needs him back sooner than later because the league is simply better when McGregor is in the headlines.

TMZ also pointed out that this is the first video of McGregor training since his little dustup at the Barclays Center back in April prior to UFC 223. He needs to get that straightened out in court, and then I’m guessing he’ll be back shortly thereafter.

I can’t wait to see him in the octagon again. The sports world is going to erupt when it finally happens.

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David Hookstead



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