NFL Player Dunks On ESPN Reporter For Dumb Tweet About His Wife’s Business

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN’s Darren Rovell got lit up by Detroit Lions receiver Marvin Jones Jr. late Wednesday, and it was hilarious.

Jones recently purchased a cake shop with his wife. Rovell, who is known for his vast knowledge of economics and money in sports, wasn’t too impressed.

He tweeted, “Most important part about opening a franchise is to understand that franchisor fees come off gross sales, not net sales. This franchisor, for example, takes 9% of gross sales for a marketing and royalty fee. Is the brand that valuable vs just opening a new cake shop?”

Jones fired back in amazing fashion, and one of his tweets stated, “Hey smart ass. Don’t you think if we wanted to open up a new one, I would have? Infrastructure that’s already in place (easy) with Godly recipes, wife loves and is passionate about THIS particular shop. That’s why SHE owns it.”

That’s what we call getting killed shot on Twitter. Coming at a dude and his wife’s business is a really good strategy if you want to get lit up and look like an absolute clown.

I’m a big fan of Rovell’s fun facts. The dude never runs out of them, but this probably didn’t play out like he’d hope. He tweeted about Jones’ new acquisition and got absolutely destroyed in return.

You have to love Jones’ little line “You must not know how to make a wife happy.” Just ruthless. Nothing makes a man feel smaller than a guy he’s likely never met telling him he doesn’t know how to please a woman. Absolutely savage moves from Jones.

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