Watch This Race Car Hurl Through The Air After Attempting A Hairpin Turn [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Unbelievable footage of a Russian race car hurling through the air after the vehicle attempted a famous track turn in Belgium this week is blowing up the internet.

The Moscow-born driver, Matevos Isaakyan, 20, managed to walk away from the crash completely uninjured, which makes the video even more spectacular.

The video was published on Wednesday and already has close to a million views.

“He smashed into the barriers as he attempted to maneuver around Eau Rouge – one of F1’s most thrilling and deadly corners,” Daily Mail reports. “This was the second major incident at Eau Rouge in the space of a few days. On Friday racer Pietro Fittipaldi broke both legs after losing control at the corner and crashing into the barrier during a Six Hours of Spa qualifying session.”

Nobody knows exactly why the car flipped into the air but experts are reportedly looking into the situation to determine why drivers are having a hard time managing the turn.

And while I’m not an expert, I’m pretty sure I know why they’re having difficulty. Big pieces of metal with turbocharged engines are taking corners at exceedingly high rates of speed. It’s simple physics, people.

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