The Pope Just Sold A Lamborghini For A Little Under $1 Million. How’s Your Day Going?

Jena Greene | Reporter

A racey Italian sports car blessed by Pope Francis himself was just auctioned off for a little under $1 million — all in the name of charity.

According to Fox News, the pope personally blessed an Italian-made Lamborghini Huracan, which “features yellow striping meant to evoke the Vatican City flag and is powered by a 573 hp V10. The rear-wheel-drive coupe has top speed of 199 mph and a list price of $199,800.”

An unidentified buyer from Monaco reportedly purchased the vehicle this weekend. All proceeds will benefit the villagers of Nineveh Plains in Iraq, where a large community of Christians live in war-torn ruins after it was largely overrun by ISIS.

You’ve got to hand it to Pope Francis here. This is a baller move. I mean, not many people have the power to drive up the net worth of an already wildly expensive object simply by putting their name on it. But Pope Francis does.

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If I’m the unidentified man/woman who bought this thing, you can bet I’m going to flex all over Monaco in this thing. If I have a Lambo that’s been personally blessed by the pope, I’m gonna tear up and down the winding roads along the Mediterranean feeling borderline invincible. It would be for the good of humanity.

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