Supreme Court Overturns Sports Gambling Ban. How Much Money Am I About To Lose?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ladies and gentlemen, today is one of the greatest days of my life because the Supreme Court knocked down the federal ban on sports gambling.

Do you want to know how I know there’s a God? Because of days like today. This couldn’t make me any happier. I’m beaming from ear to ear right now. The downside is that I’m probably going to lose a ton of money.

I mean, I love pissing away money on gambling. It’s my bread and butter. Yes, I win big sometimes and occasionally I lose big. It’s the nature of the game, but we have a huge upside here.

Sports gambling is about to get streamlined and become a hell of a lot easier. No more offshore accounts and no more running around in the shadows. It’s just going to be me, my money and legit sports gambling.

I feel like I might have to crack a beer right now to celebrate. What an amazing day.

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David Hookstead



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