CBS Ranks Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst Laughably Low Among Best Football Coaches

David Hookstead | Reporter

I recently stumbled across CBS’ rankings of the best college coaches, and Wisconsin Badgers head coach Paul Chryst is criminally underrated.

Where do we assume he’s checking in? Top five? Top Ten? Top 15? Nope. The people over at CBS put him at 19! Are you kidding me?

CBS wrote:

He takes a big step forward, entering the top 25 this season. It’s understandable seeing as he’s gone 34-7 with two Big Ten West titles in his three years in Madison. There’s an excellent chance he’ll add another division title in 2018. 2017 rank: 29 (+10)

Give me a damn break. Chryst has less talent than any coach on that list and has still managed to go 34-7 in the brutal Big Ten. He’s won a bowl game in every single year at Wisconsin. Do we really think any other coach on that list could take a roster with Wisconsin’s talent and win more than 10 games a year? Absolutely not. Jim Harbaugh would be lucky to go .500 if he had to use Midwestern walk-ons to field a team.

That’s what Wisconsin is all about. Don’t think I’m trashing my team. I’m most certainly not. Not even a little. I’m simply saying that Chryst has accomplished things nobody else in America could do with the talent he has available. Nick Saban has a mini-NFL team down at Alabama. Ohio State is stacked with NFL players. The Badgers do not. Yes, we have some guys in the NFL, but we are not a factory like OSU and Alabama. Despite all that, we still win, and Chryst is a huge part of that.

CBS really dropped the ball here. No big deal. It’s not like we’ve lacked being shown the proper amount of respect that we deserve. We’ll just keep our heads down and keep going. It’s worked out pretty great so far.

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