Highly-Touted NFL Rookie Arrested, And The Details Are Shocking

David Hookstead | Reporter

Arizona Cardinals rookie Christian Kirk was arrested prior to the NFL draft, and the details are only now becoming public.

The star college wide receiver at Texas A&M was believed to possibly be coked up when he was arrested all the way back in February for allegedly throwing rocks at cars.

TMZ reported Tuesday:

Event security had contacted police and said the suspects were “high.”

When the Scottsdale PD arrived to the scene, one of the officers “immediately noticed Kirk’s demeanor. He had a blank stare.”

The officer placed Kirk under arrest and handcuffed him — and then suggested he may have been on cocaine. 

“I further noticed the grinding movement of his jaw and continued blank stare. These are common signs of an individual high on stimulants, such as cocaine.”

How was this whole situation not discussed a lot more? TMZ reported that the Cardinals were aware of the situation prior to the draft, but how was this not mentioned during the draft?

We shouldn’t be surprised that an NFL team was able to find this information out. The resources they have are virtually unlimited to dig up dirt on potential players. You can’t use the bathroom prior to the draft without a team finding out. That’s just the way it is. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

This also seems to help us get a slightly better understanding as to why Kirk slipped out of the first round. I saw lots of talk about him being a first-round lock, and I thought he would go on day one, too, for sure. He didn’t, and now we all know why. Take notes, because there is a big difference in money for athletes who slip out of the first round. Hopefully, this is just one incident that he’s put behind him, and now he’s ready for the NFL.

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