People Who Don’t Want Legal Sports Gambling Should Leave America

David Hookstead | Reporter

I’m sick and tired of all the wet blankets who think it’s bad that we have legal sports gambling in America now.

I don’t want to hear any of this nonsense about how gambling is bad for America. People, we all get that there are inherent downsides to all vices. We’re not idiots.

This, however, is America. We should embrace the Supreme Court striking down the absurd federal ban on sports gambling. This country is all about freedom. It’s all about the opportunities ahead of us, including the opportunity to piss away money gambling. (RELATED:┬áSUPREME COURT OVERTURNS SPORTS GAMBLING BAN. HOW MUCH MONEY AM I ABOUT TO LOSE?)

I wanted to shout from all the rooftops yesterday when I saw the news. It’s a turning point in American sports that should be celebrated.

If you’re against gambling, then you’re probably also against the troops, cold beer, winning the 1980 Olympic gold in ice hockey and walking on the moon. That’s a pretty shameful group to be a part of. I want no part of those people being in this country. Not one single part.

Do the right thing and celebrate with the rest of us. Get with the times or get out of the way.

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David Hookstead



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