Star Golfer’s Wife Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Him — The Details Are Insane

Jena Greene | Reporter

Pro golfer Lucas Glover’s wife Krista was arrested this week after she allegedly attacked her husband for playing a poor round of golf in the Players Championship on Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail:

The incident report shows Lucas told deputies Krista gets violent every time he doesn’t play well in a major PGA tournament.

And since he had a bad day alongside Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose at The Players, she allegedly went off on him at dinner time and showered him with insults, including ‘p***y’ and ‘loser,’ the incident report reads.

The attack was in front of their two underage children and Lucas’ mother, according to deputies.

Lucas told deputies how ‘when he plays a bad round of golf, Krista proceeds to start an altercation with him and telling him how he is a loser and a p***y, how he needs to fire everyone, and how he’d better win or her and the kids would leave him and he would never see the kids again,’ the report reads.

Yikes. This is not good. Not good at all. Not only did she allegedly attack her husband, who is almost definitely the family bread winner (he reportedly raked in $20.1 million since going pro), but she did it in front of their children. And she may have also attacked Lucas’ mother while she was at it.

I mean look at this couple. Do they look like they have alleged issues with violence and verbal altercations?

Almost certainly not. This alleged story is so absurd, I almost didn’t believe it at first. But then I remembered how intense golf wives can be. Remember when Tiger’s wife came after him with a golf club and chased him off the property after she found out he was cheating?

These women don’t mess around. And when their men aren’t performing up to their standards, they let them know.

Not to mention, when the cops were taking her away, Krista reportedly threatened them by yelling, “Wait till the tour (PGA) hears about this,” and “You will lose your job. This is why cops get shot in the face. Wait till I talk with the judge, you will be f***ng fired over this.”

Doesn’t sound like she was messing around at all.

Krista was released on $2,500 bond and is due back in court on May 31. No word on the state of the couple’s marriage in the meantime.

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