Melee! Waterpark Brawl Will Be The Trashiest Video You Watch Today [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

A recent brawl at a Wisconsin waterpark has taken the internet by storm.

The New York Post recently shared a video of an absolute melee at Mt. Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, and it’s something to behold.

Stuff is flying everywhere – people are losing their minds – and the violence quickly escalates. Watch it below.

The funny part about this whole thing for me is that I’ve actually been to this place before. We used to go in middle school at the end of the year as a class. I hated it then, and I’d doubt that I’d like it anymore these days. (RELATED: HOCKEY GAME ENDS WITH A BRAWL SO BAD THE POLICE HAD TO INTERVENE)

I always felt like I was ten seconds away from getting shanked when I’m at the Dells. The hotels and parks are actually all pretty nice, but you can draw a pretty crazy crowd. I mean, we’re talking about some dirty people.

So, am I surprised that a massive brawl went down at Mt. Olympus? Not one bit, but that hardly makes any of it acceptable. What is wrong with people? I assume the vast majority of folks there are just looking to enjoy the day, and then you have these idiots starting huge fights. It disgusts me. I hope these clowns were led away in handcuffs.

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