Meet The Woman Who Calls Herself A Plus Sized Activist

Jena Greene | Reporter

She’s been called a “hippo,” a “cow,” an “elephant” and a “brontosaurus.” But none of these nicknames were sufficient for Jes Baker, whose recent memoir “Landwhale” details the importance of embracing your body no matter your BMI.

She describes her journey toward fat-blogging which turned into “Landwhale:”

I just wanted a couple dozen people (honestly, I would have settled for five – friends included) to read my hastily typed fat-girl feels and the opportunity to take lots of pictures of myself…I was bored by my deteriorating relationship and needed a hobby because watching River Monster  marathons every single night with a lifeless partner who only liked eating chicken nuggets, wearing Tapout shirts, and refusing to let me drive just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

And so goes the book. You can probably imagine that it contains a healthy dose of complaining about being fat shamed, and an even heftier dose of discussing “body politics” and “fat empowerment.” She spends so much time searching for an answer to her weight that it becomes almost baffling that exercising never once seemed to cross her mind.

Baker wears a size 22-24 and had gained a considerable Instagram following for chronicling her life as a plus-sized woman.

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She also spends time advocating for fashion labels to feature plus-sized models and gives pretty much zero credence to health professional’s advice about maintaining a healthy body weight. She also does a pretty neat assessment of racism in America as an added bonus.

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Now listen. I’m not against people being overweight. Part of what makes America great is the fact that we’re all given the freedom to stuff our faces with Big Macs three times a day. But I am against shaming other people for not finding you attractive. Everybody’s got different taste. I’m sure there are some people who find Jes Baker beautiful. But not everyone has to find everyone beautiful. Fat advocacy helps us just about as much as naked mole rat advocacy or extreme backgammon advocacy. Not everyone’s gonna be into it. And that’s ok.

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