Woman Accused Of Killing Her Lover, Serving Him Up As BBQ

David Hookstead | Reporter

I might have found one of the craziest stories you’ll ever read or hear about, and it involves allegations of serving up a human as BBQ.

As I was perusing the web, as is my daily routine, I found a Fox News article about Kelly Cochran. She was recently convicted of killing her husband, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out, when I dug a little deeper, the details are nuts. She may have killed nine other people and served up her former “lover” as BBQ. It’s unclear if the lover is her husband or a different guy in the group of nine.

The Indy Star reported the following:

Last month, 34-year-old Kelly M. Cochran was sentenced to 65 years behind bars after admitting to injecting her husband with a fatal dose of heroin and smothering him in their northern Indiana home.

The court’s decision came as Cochran was serving a life sentence in another case: the slaying and dismembering of her lover in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

As shocking as those crimes are, an upcoming TV documentary will look into other crimes that her friends and family suspect Cochran of committing. That includes as many as nine other possible victims buried across the Midwest, as well as accusations that she fed the remains of her lover to others at a barbecue.

Looks like we’ve got a little potential Ed Gein/Jeffrey Dahmer situation on our hands here. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I believed that I had mistakenly eaten a human. That’s life-changing stuff. There’s a great “Always Sunny” episode about getting the itch to eat human flesh after your first try. (RELATED: PRODUCTION BEGINS ON ‘MAKING A MURDERER’ SEQUEL SERIES)

What type of completely messed-up person do you need to be in order to murder someone and then allegedly serve them up as food? Again, we’re not talking about just one potential murder. The documentary floats the idea that she’s got nine other victims possibly buried around the Midwest. We’re talking about an all-out nightmare scenario if any of these other allegations are true.

I grew up in Wisconsin, which is the proud home of the two monsters mentioned above. Those two men are talked about all the time. Not because they murdered people. There are plenty of killers walking this planet, but those two took things to a totally different level because they really liked cutting people up.

If it turns out these massive allegations are true, I think Kelly Cochran is going to become a pretty popular name.

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