Listen To The SHOCKING 911 Call As Pro Golfer Is Allegedly Attacked By His Wife

Jena Greene | Reporter

The audio from the 911 call made by both pro golfer Lucas Glover and his wife Krista has been released, and you’ve got to hear it to believe it.

As The Smoke Room reported Tuesday, Krista Glover, 36, allegedly attacked her husband for playing a poor round in the Players Championship on Sunday. Glover reportedly came at her mother-in-law first and left her with visible marks and scratches. Then she came for her husband, calling him a “p*ssy” and a “loser” for playing poorly. She also allegedly threatened to leave Lucas and never let him see their children again if he continued to play bad golf. (RELATED: Star Golfer’s Wife Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Him — The Details Are Insane)

Needless to say, she doesn’t sound like the most well-adjusted woman on the planet.

MZ obtained audio from the 911 call made on Sunday and it’s even more shocking to hear in person, if that’s even possible.

“I’ve been attacked by my mother-in-law,” Krista told the 911 operator. “She’s locked herself in the room and attacked us.”

Later, Glover clarifies the situation, telling them his wife has gone “crazy” but that they didn’t need the police to come and check in.

Which obviously did not happen. Cops arrived shortly thereafter to find Lucas’ mother with minor injuries.

Glover has since released a statement asking for privacy, but not much else has been said about the incident since.

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Jena Greene



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