Superstar Comedian Has A Groundbreaking Theory About The Joker In Batman

Jena Greene | Reporter

Comedian Patton Oswalt developed a fascinating theory about “The Dark Knight,” and it has a lot of people scratching their heads.

He posted the lengthy but compelling theory on Facebook this weekend.

“I just re-watched THE DARK KNIGHT, and another wrinkle came to mind about The Joker,” he posits. “What if he’s not only ex-military, but ex-military intelligence? Specifically — interrogation?”

It’s a pretty long post but the abridged version is basically that the Joker is a former military operator or interrogator with PTSD, backed up by his references of “a truckload of soldiers,” his considerable experience with military grade weapons and his calculated nature.

He also points out that the Joker is adept at manipulating everyone around him in order to further his mission.

“In the end, he ends up trying to mind-f*ck an entire city — and the city calls his bluff,” he writes. “Or is that what he wanted all along? He plummets to his seeming death, laughing like a child. And when he’s rescued by Batman, the one individual he couldn’t manipulate or break, he’s blissful and relieved (and, visually, turned on his head). Even the language he uses when saying goodbye to Batman — describing their relationship as an ‘irresistible force meeting an immovable object’ — is the kind of thing an interrogator would say, ruefully, about a fruitless session.”

Even for the most hard-core Batman fan who thinks they know everything about the movie must be at least somewhat intrigued by this theory. It’s not airtight, but then again, what modern film theory really is?

I’ve seen “The Dark Knight” at least a dozen times and I totally bought into the PTSD theory. And now this? You can bet I’ll be watching “The Dark Knight” this weekend to really dig into this new development. Because even though the movie is 10 years old at this point, it remains one of the greatest films in modern cinema.

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Jena Greene



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