Here’s What Everybody Is Saying About The ‘Deadpool’ Sequel

Jena Greene | Reporter

“Deadpool 2” may be one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2018, but two groups are bitterly divided on a general consensus about the sequel.

The Fox film doesn’t hit theaters in the U.S. until Friday, but critics and international viewers who already got to see the movie have vastly different opinions. (RELATED: There’s A New ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Out, And It Looks Downright Electric)

The Independent called the movie “wearisome,” and seemed pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing.

Same with the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian and about a dozen other publications.

But non-critics couldn’t disagree more. Fans of the movie didn’t seem to be expecting much more than action, violence, and a healthy dose of irreverence.

The disagreement got so heated that Twitter devoted an entire moment to it.

I guess everyone’s just going to have to see it for themselves. I know I definitely will.

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