CBS’ ‘SEAL Team’ Is Primed For An Epic Season One Finale Tonight

David Hookstead | Reporter

CBS’ hit show “SEAL Team” will wrap up its first season tonight, and it should be absolutely epic.

I believe that I was one of the first people in the media to really hype up this show. I was hooked from the first moment I saw a preview.

The show didn’t disappoint because it felt real. Let’s just be honest about the fact that a lot of major network television is pretty bad. It’s the reason why so many people have gravitated towards premium channels like HBO for entertainment. The main networks just seem to have gone a bit soft. (SLIDESHOW: THESE STUNNING WOMEN IN CAMO AREN’T LEAVING MUCH TO THE IMAGINATION)

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Well, that’s not the case at all with “SEAL Team.” It’s raw, feels real, asks deep questions about our top warriors and doesn’t make war seem like an action movie. War in “SEAL Team” is a dark and depressing, but necessary place that the show’s characters must visit from time to time. There’s no joy taken in the killing, as shown by the death of an innocent child in a recent episode.

We know we’re getting a second season, which makes me think we’re in for a big cliff hanger tonight. I don’t know what to expect it to be, but I’m excited. This show will always be incredible as long as it focuses on the human element on war, and drizzles in the action where needed. It did that throughout season one, and it was a piece of art.

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