This Is The ‘Westworld’ Theory That Could Change Everything

David Hookstead | Reporter

Another crazy “Westworld” theory has surfaced, and this one involves speculation of whether the Man in Black is still human.

The theory has blown up Reddit, and there is one major compelling piece of evidence to suggest that he’s a host late in the game. (RELATED: WATCH THE GREATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ MOMENT WE’VE HAD SO FAR [VIDEO])

In the fourth episode, he tells host Delos, “If you can’t tell, does it matter?” This is an obvious callback to the second episode of season one when William is told the same thing upon entering the park. (RELATED: THE RETURN OF ‘WESTWORLD’ WAS EXHILARATING)

Does it matter? from r/westworld

That has led the Reddit world to question whether or not the Man in Black became a host or soon will be a host. It seems like people believe this could be the final reveal and the master final twist in Ford’s narrative.

Look, I don’t believe this theory, and I will not be happy if it’s true. But I wouldn’t be doing my job as heir apparent to the throne of the internet if I didn’t at least dig in a little bit.

This is “Westworld.” You’re an idiot if you’re not expecting the unexpected at this point. Here are the only ways I could see this working: Ford created a host brain, MiB died quickly after all hell broke loose and it was swapped out. I find the odds of that happening to be around zero percent. (RELATED: THE LATEST EPISODE OF ‘WESTWORLD’ WAS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING)

The only other option is that the MiB will become a host, and he’s currently being built. We know somebody or something is being built. Theories are all over the place right now, but nothing is set in cement.

As I wrote previously, I will be pissed if this all comes down to the MiB not even being human. His whole purpose is his journey to discovery. How is that important if he’s not a human? We have all the hosts’ journeys already. What is the point if there are no humans?

Please, do not let this happen. Give us what we want. Don’t overthink the whole situation.

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