The 911 Call From T.I.’s Arrest Is Crazy

Jena Greene | Reporter

World famous rapper T.I. was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly attacking a security guard in his neighborhood after he questioned him for trying to break into his own house.

“The rapper was trying to get to his house around 4:00 am Wednesday morning but didn’t have his key. T.I. and a friend argued with the guard at the security shack, who wouldn’t let them enter … and it got heated enough that cops showed up,” TMZ reports. (RELATED: Superstar Rapper Arrested. Here Are All The Details We Know)

And today, the audio from the 911 call made by the security guard that T.I. allegedly assaulted was released. It’s a must hear. (RELATED: Listen To The SHOCKING 911 Call As Pro Golfer Is Allegedly Attacked By His Wife)

“A resident is walking back here at the guard shack where I’m at,” the guard can be heard telling 911 operators. “I’ve been threatened by a resident and he’s here now knocking on the door.”

Then in the background, you can hear T.I. threatening the guard.

“You’re making it worse for yourself, man” he reportedly said, then something along the lines of “You’re gonna have to deal with me.”

T.I. was arrested for simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Video of him in the police station was also released, where the rapper caused a pretty big scene by yelling at officers on duty at the time.

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