My Pregame Basketball Routine Of Mountain Dew And Butterfingers Was Crazy In Hindsight

David Hookstead | Reporter

I’m a few weeks into my new healthy lifestyle, and it has me re-examining some of my habits from childhood.

For example, I used to chug Mountain Dew and eat Butterfingers prior to every single basketball game I played in my senior year. Stop and think about how crazy that is for a second. Think about the absurdity of chugging Mountain Dews prior to performing in an athletic event.

Now, it probably helped that my team didn’t really need my help to win. Averaging less than two points a game doesn’t make a hell of a lot of impact a team blowing teams out by 40. Props to me for being man enough and realistic enough to recognize my role. (SLIDESHOW: Baller Babes: These Gorgeous Women Love Basketball)

However, that doesn’t mean that what I was doing still wasn’t crazy. I mean, is there any way to prove that you know you’re not going to play than by drinking soda and eating candy prior to a game? Probably not.

Don’t get it twisted, though. I still feel like I could have averaged a full two points a game or a couple rebounds a game if I got in shape, but is it worth it? Have you tasted Mountain Dew? You tell me if grabbing an extra rebound per game is worth giving up Mountain Dew. I doubt it.

I’m glad that my eyes are slowly starting to get opened to how insane my life was as a child. Just a man living on the edge with reckless abandonment. That’s what being David Hookstead is all about. I sure hope I’ve allowed this spirit to live on in The Smoke Room.

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