John Travolta Couldn’t Care Less About The #MeToo Movement

Jena Greene | Reporter

John Travolta isn’t exactly spending his free time thinking about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

The Oscar-winning actor is currently in Cannes promoting his new movie “Gotti,” but when a French journalist asked Travolta what he thought about the #MeToo movement, he gave a pretty surprising answer.

“I don’t know much about it. I try to keep people equal,” he replied. “I’m a citizen of the globe. Division is a dangerous thing.”

He continued, speaking to a broader audience listening in:

Protest is valid. But how do you measure — how do you differentiate the moment where it becomes invalid? It’s an art, almost, to say, ‘OK, let’s protest, but we’ve achieved that here and these particular rights. Now, let’s get smart about how we use that … protest so it doesn’t get into an irrational perspective.’ If we go back to the humanities of being each other’s friends and wanting and caring at a deep level, then we’ll make it. But it’s a dwindling spiral out there.

Travolta later said doesn’t even see gender differences as a real issue in Hollywood. Which really must have set some of his more socially-conscious colleagues off.

I don’t really make a lot of difference between the sexes. I don’t really even like it, to be honest. I don’t like trying to make the sexes so different from each other. I find it kind of inhuman sometimes because we’re all in the same boat together.

It’s pretty surprising that Travolta was willing to put his neck out there like this. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he got eaten alive by the swarms of actors, directors, and screenwriters who have devoted their time at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival to protesting issues that have plagued Hollywood — and will continue to plague it due to its fundamentally egotistical and over-indulgent value system — very soon. But he’s probably not thinking about that much.

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