World-Famous Rapper Hospitalized After Brutal Car Wreck. Here’s What We Know

Jena Greene | Reporter

Migos group member and popular rapper Offset has probably had one of the toughest months on record.

Just over a week ago, Offset had his $150,000 gold-and-diamond chain stolen off his coffee table in a Manhattan hotel during his stay while was in town for the Met Gala. And late on Wednesday night, the fiancé of female rapper Cardi B totaled his car in a pretty scary accident outside Atlanta, GA. (RELATED:Superstar Rapper Loses $150,000 Chain, Sounds Like He Kind Of Deserved It)

It’s not clear what he crashed into or whether other people were involved. But TMZ reports that Offset’s green Dodge Challenger was towed off and he was transported to the hospital.

“Our sources say Cardi B rushed to be by her fiance’s side after she heard about the accident,” TMZ reports. “According to law enforcement, no cops or emergency medical workers were called to the crash scene, and no accident report was taken. Offset’s wrecked car was towed away afterward. It’s unclear at this point if anyone else was involved — but that seems unlikely since no one called police.”

Offset has reportedly already been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. His car, on the other hand, may not have the same fate.

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