Internet Commenters Attack Kendall Jenner. Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Jena Greene | Reporter

It seems like Kendall Jenner can’t post a single photo on Instagram without causing some serious backlash.

Just last week, Kendall Jenner was accused of photoshopping a topless picture that got close to 5 million likes on Instagram. (RELATED: Kendall Jenner Accused Of Photoshopping Recent Topless Instagram)

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So this week, Jenner’s sister Kourtney posted a photo of the two sisters with some of their friends, and the hate came back for Kendall in full swing. (RELATED: Kendall Jenner Just Said Some Pretty Saucy Things About Being Gay)

Some commenters said that Kendall’s body wasn’t as good as her sister Kourtney’s, while others criticized her odd tan lines. Still others accused her of using photoshop. But most of the critical comments accused Kendall of getting plastic surgery.

It’s pretty absurd that we’ve gotten to the point where a celebrity can’t post a photo without getting attacked for her looks. Who cares if Kendall Jenner got plastic surgery? Who cares if she has tan lines? And who cares if they used photo shop? I’d be willing to bet that 99.99% of models edit their photos before posting them to social media. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Kendall Jenner – one of the most famous models on the planet – does it too.

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Everyone just needs to calm down and let these people live.

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