NFL Star Allegedly Punches Man In The Face. Here’s What We Know

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was allegedly involved in a physical altercation over the weekend.

Hunt was reportedly staying at Bay Lodging Resort in Ohio when all hell broke loose between him and another guest. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

TMZ reported the following Wednesday:

Sources tell us everything was fine until early Sunday morning when Hunt got into a verbal altercation with another resort guest.

We spoke with the alleged victim who tells TMZ Sports he was punched in the face by Hunt … hard. 

TMZ Sports also spoke with a resort official who confirms there was an incident involving Hunt. 

We’re told the man was NOT seriously injured and did not seek medical attention. Hunt was not arrested. 

It’s been one interesting offseason for Hunt. He was previously accused of putting his hands on a woman, and now he’s allegedly getting into fights at resorts.

I don’t know what it is about some football players, but it just seems like they can’t stay out of the headlines. Hunt is quickly joining that category of players, and that’s not a compliment in any way, shape or form.

Hunt had an incredible rookie season. He shredded defenses. That’s going to come to a quick end if he doesn’t find a way to stay a shade more low-key.

These pro athletes, especially the young ones, need to figure out a way to just fly under the radar in the offseason. Get a cabin in Montana or Northern Wisconsin, work out, train and prepare to win more games. Don’t spend your time at resorts.

Hunt may be a good player, but what has he done to justify this much negative attention? He hasn’t won a single championship. Spend more time on the practice field, and less time being written about by TMZ.

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