Police Are Investigating Alleged Harassment Between NHL WAGs. The Details Are Nuts

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ottawa Senators players Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman have been dragged into a massive harassment probe involving their significant others.

Karlson and his wife Melinda suffered the loss of a child back in March when their son was stillborn and have been allegedly receiving plenty of online harassment after the fact.

Where is this online harassment coming from? Well, Melina believes it’s coming from Hoffman’s girlfriend Monika Caryk.

The Ottawa Citizen recently reported the following:

Melinda Karlsson, née Currey, has filed an application for an order of protection against the longtime girlfriend of Senators forward Mike Hoffman — alleging a campaign of harassment that plagued the Karlssons after the death of their son and through much of the last NHL season

The application for a peace bond sworn in front of Justice of the Peace Louise Logue on May 4, alleges that Monika Caryk, Hoffman’s partner, had threatened Melinda and husband Erik Karlsson from November 2017 to the date the information was sworn to.

This newspaper has also learned that there is an active Ottawa police investigation into the criminal harassment (stalking) allegations and that it is being probed by central district detectives. No conditions have been set out in the peace bond, which is similar to a restraining order, since it was never served on Caryk.

Hoffman and his camp, speaking on behalf of the forward and Caryk, vehemently deny the allegations.

The Ottawa Citizen also reported that the Twitter accounts harassing Melinda have since been deleted.

There are a lot of moving parts here, but only two that I’m going to focus on, mainly because I’d argue that they’re the two most important:

First, the Senators are now between a rock and a hard place. It really doesn’t matter at this point if Caryk is guilty of online harassment or not. Karlsson’s wife thinks she’s guilty, and that’s going to cause some major problems in the locker room.

‘Major problems’ won’t even begin to describe what will happen if a woman believes her husband’s teammate is guilty of harassment after the death of a child. You’re asking for problems that I can’t even begin to describe.

The Ottawa Citizen also reported that Karlsson’s wife believes that Caryk has made over 1,000 statements against her family, including statements about ending her husband’s career. That’s a problem of epic proportions.

The second point, which is also extremely important, is that the investigation has to be 100-percent positive in its findings. Going after somebody’s dead child is something your reputation won’t ever recover from. At the same time, a false allegation is also something you likely never recover from. You better be damn sure if you’re going to levy allegations of this magnitude.

Let’s for a second just assume that Caryk is guilty, for the sake of argument. What will the Senators do then? Well, I think the options are very simple: Hoffman either has to kick her to the curb or he has to be shipped out of town. It’s simply too volatile of a situation to keep him or his girlfriend around.

If Caryk is really guilty, then I would also assume she needs some serious mental health support, because nobody in a healthy mental state would ever taunt a family over their dead child or wish a man’s career comes to a crashing end.

Stay tuned, because I have a feeling this situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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